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About Me

Detailing Works, Established by Rob Lewis

With a passion for cars, an enjoyment in restoration, a true perfectionist by nature and a very keen eye for detail, Detailing Works was established by Rob Lewis.

My primary aim has always been to produce consistent high quality detailing which goes well above and beyond all my clients expectations.

My enthusiasm for maintaining vehicles to exceptional standards began at a very early age when I saved my Saturday job money and bought my first car. My father used to watch me and with satisfaction would say, “If you polish that car any more there won’t be any paint left on it! ” .

All those years later – and things haven’t changed that much…..

About Rob Lewis and Detailing WorksWhat started off as a hobby many years ago has now become my profession and as a natural progression I founded Detailing Works.

I serve my customers to the highest possible levels using my knowledge, my passion, my two bare hands and an unwavering dedication and passion to making all cars and motorcycles look fantastic. I am here to achieve astonishing results.

You may find relaxation on an exotic location somewhere, lying on a beach….I find the same level of relaxation in detailing vehicles. Knowing that someone holds a passion for the work they do, you can be assured that the finished work will be truly outstanding!

Most importantly of all, I would like to share with all car owners the joy and satisfaction of driving a well detailed car! Every car deserves the highest standard of detailing I can deliver.

My ultimate goal is to handover a completed vehicle to a thrilled, satisfied and very happy client.

Robert Lewis