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Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions, answered.

We operate from a secure electronic gated purpose built detailing studio in Huddersfield.

Why not use the local hand car wash?

Cheap hand car washes that have sprung up on almost every old petrol station site and those damage inflicting waterless washes you see on supermarket car parks. For £8 – £10 someone else will wash your car for you in 10 minutes. But at what cost? convenience ?…but consider this…

These are invariably the very worst enemy when it comes to looking after your cherished car. Using dirty sponges, wash mitts and drying blades all which scratch your paintwork as well as improper use of harsh chemicals (which strip off any existing protection), can cause long lasting damage to your car’s appearance. Highly aggressive chemicals are sprayed onto your paint to break-down dirt to make it easier to come off when rinsed-down with pressurised water. These chemicals will strip away your wax protection, damage your chrome trim, and stain your rubber seals, to get you car close to presentable in as short a time as possible. They have to. This is all bad news for the long term care of your car. You will end up with damaged metal trims thanks to the TFR, swirls and scratches in your paintwork, corroded alloy wheels and the sad thing is it can be avoided.

What’s the difference between a normal valeting service and Detailing Works services?

Valeting is often just a quick wash and wax, using harsh chemicals, drying blades and poor quality wax offering little protection. Detailing is a very thorough process that only uses the finest and safest products, most of which are very expensive. Another difference is the time. More than often valeters normally need to clean at least 4 cars per day and as such, they often rush and don’t take the time needed to do the job properly. A detailer will spend as long as it is necessary to ensure the job is done to the highest possible standard.

The majority of companies that trade solely under the ‘ valeting ‘ flag, tend to be very basic in their approach to car care, using bulk trade materials and generally spending minimum time to complete their work, as these companies rely on very high turnover. These types of services are ideally aimed at car sales dealerships where time is money and volumes are of priority, but in terms of actual car care, the services leave a lot to be desired. Detailing Works services embraces car care by using the very best techniques, products and materials attainable, yielding results above and beyond what can be achieved through regular valeting.

What types of products do you use?

At Detailing Works, only the highest quality products will be used on your vehicle. We use a variety of products from: Angel Wax, Bilt Hamber, CarPro, Chemical Guys, Gyeon, Gtechniq, Rupes and Valet Pro. Detailing Works uses very strict wash techniques to ensure your vehicle is washed with utmost safety and care. We utilize the 3-Bucket Wash System and double cyclone gritguards in all our wash buckets. Our techniques ensure a completely swirl-free wash. If you have any questions about our technique and procedures please contact us.

Do new cars need to be detailed?

YES! Just because your vehicle is new, doesn’t mean that it is perfect. All vehicles come from the factory with imperfections that dealerships do not remove prior to selling as well as having collected a huge amount of fallout on its journey from the factory to the dealership. Also, as dealerships do not use proper wash techniques this results in swirl marks on your brand new vehicle. New vehicles do not come with any protection for the paint, wheels, glass or interior. Do not be fooled into buying an over-priced “paint protection” plan from you dealer. They are selling you an extremely sub-bar detail (using improper technique and preparation as mentioned above) with products that are no better than what you could buy from your local Halfords store. Dealership “paint-protection” packages are never a good investment! When you bring your new car to us, we will remove all of the imperfections and get your car protected so it looks its best for a long time!

Please contact us to bring your new car to us to have it detailed by a professional using only industry leading tools & products.

Should I accept the free car washes at the dealership when I service my car?

Absolutely not! Dealerships use the same harmful and incorrect methods that your local hand car washes use. There is a reason it is free. Your flawless paint can be ruined by just one free dealership wash. That free car wash turns into a costly mistake when you have to pay to have me remove all those swirls and scratches. Another free service dealerships provide is a free “detail” when you purchase your vehicle. Always ask the dealer to please not wash your vehicle, they may look at you with a glazed look in their eyes, but you will be making a choice that saves you money in the long run! Please contact us to bring your new car to us to have it detailed by a professional using only industry leading tools & products.

Why can I see very fine scratches and swirls in my paintwork?

A vehicle’s paintwork can be marked very easily indeed, so any scrubbing with synthetic sponges or low quality polishing cloths will certainly add visible markings. This damage can be drastically increased when the surface is still dirty. Your local automated, and garage jet washes use harsh nylon brushes. Garage jet washes have brush lances embedded with dirt which you then rub over your car inflicting a huge amount of damage. Your local hand car washes use dirty mitts that are used on multiple vehicles without being cleaned, these are simply creating a sandpapering effect, trapping and moving tiny grit particles against the paintwork. This type of abrasion / damage is the most common and is responsible for the majority of imperfect finishes found on the vast majority of the cars on the road today.

The art to safe paintwork cleansing is to employ the correct techniques and the use of specialist materials. Detailing Works consider the cleaning stage as absolutely vital in getting it right, which is why we use specialist products such as the finest 100% lambswool deep pile Dooka wash pads, double cyclone and grit guard buckets, pH balanced pre-wash, pH balanced vehicle shampoo and the finest plushest microfibre drying towels available to avoid inflicting any potential damage in the wash process.

How to test for Paint Contamination

After washing and drying your vehicle put your hand inside a plastic sandwich bag and lightly run your fingertips over the paint’s surface. It should feel smooth as glass. If the surface has a rough, gritty or pebble-like feel, it indicates the presence of paint contamination.

Why don’t you use a Wet Vac on interior cleaning

Due to the temperature of the steam, there is very little moisture to introduce into the fabrics and materials, within the car. ( A wet vac could replace the steamer when you have to remove heavy build up of mud say from interior carpets ).

When working with upholstery It is never a great idea to introduce water into the foam of car seats. The foam stays wet deep down and this effects the mild steel within the seat as well and prolonged contact with the stitching. Which can eventually lead to the threads rotting away.

If anyone who has had a car wet vacuumed will tell you. The seats will stay damp for quite sometime, and this will take some time to fully dry out, this will in turn have a great effect on the amount of condensation left within your vehicle ( think steamy windows )

As you know steam cleaners are used to aid in cleaning when you have allergies or to disinfect surfaces. This is a great benefit when used in car interiors. Used to kill all musty smells, Bacteria and the smell of cigarettes. Steam can go many places where a wet vac cant. Under seats and very tight areas, to name but a few.

Your prices ‘seem‘ expensive, why?

At first glance the detailing services seem expensive, especially if you’ve never had a vehicle detailed before, however, detailing is a exceptionally labour intensive procedure. If you look at the cost of the The Enhancement Detail, which takes between 9 -11 hours to complete, add in the cost of highly specialised detailing consumables, the best equipment, water, and electricity, & our and insurance (yes we are fully insured to work on your pride and joy), the labour costs work out considerably less than your main dealer would charge you, most main dealerships charge two to three times as much for labour on repairs and servicing, and their work is no more skilled than our own.

Can you work weekends?

We can work seven days a week, so you can visit week days or weekends if you prefer.

How do I book my car in?

We suggest contacting us first via our webpage . We can be contacted between the hours of 7am and 9pm, seven days a week. Your booking will require a name, full address and telephone number. Please feel free to call if you would prefer to discuss and arrange your booking, or you require a specific bespoke service tailored to your vehicle.

Are you insured?

Yes we have a fully comprehensive specialist valeting / detailing insurance

Can you supply products?

Detailing works can ( given prior notice ), provide you with a range of products to maintain your vehicles particular finish after our treatments. From washing equipment through to maintenance products, we can supply and also discuss with you exactly what is required and the best ways to use them.

What size is my car?

As a rough guide we have compiled a small list to help give you an idea of vehicle sizes

Small – Audi A2, Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta, Ford Ka, Lotus Elise, Mazda MX5, Mercedes Benz A-class, Renault Clio, Vauxhall Corsa

Medium – Audi A3, BMW Z4, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Mercedes SLK, Porsche Boxster, Seat Leon, Vauxhall Astra, Volkswagen Golf

Large – Aston Martin Vantage, Audi A4, BMW 3 series, Jaguar XK / XF, Mercedes Benz C-class, Porsche 911, Saab 9-3

X-LARGE – 4 X 4’s, Estates, People Carriers, SUV’s

Payment methods?

Cash only. We are ultimately aiming to accept card transactions soon.