Paint Correction and Protection for your Automotive Investment

Vehicle Detailing

Paint Correction and Protection for your Automotive Investment

XPEL Paint Protection Film

NEW – XPEL Paint Protection Film

Detailing Works are very proud to announce our close collaboration with Valiant Detailing in bringing this amazing paint protection film to you.

We all share the passion of a new car. It’s an automotive work of art. It’s new and clean, and there isn’t a mark on it. Sure, you’re going to take good care of it. You vow to wash it weekly with two buckets, grit guards, and the best products available.

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Clinical Wash

The “Clinical” Wash + Protection + Vacuum

Detailing Works highly recommends the ‘ Clinical Wash + Protection ‘…our most intensive, thorough & gentle wash available for your car.

Our Clinical Wash + Wax offers the safest way to clean and maintain the finish of any previously detailed vehicles, ( although I will provide this service to new clients also ), minimising the risk of damage and allowing owners to alleviate the need to purchase expensive products, learning the correct techniques and spending hours of their time washing, drying and maintaining their cars.

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Revitalise Detail

The Revitalise Detail

The Revitalise Detail ensures that your vehicle is professionally maintained and your paintwork ‘Revitalised ’, cleansed and protected.

Your vehicle is chemically decontaminated to remove embedded iron particulates, and tar, we then gently clay your car to remove any remaining industrial fallout, followed by a machine applied paintwork cleanser truly enhances the lustre and gloss of your paintwork leaving it glass smooth.

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Enhancement Treatment

The Enhancement – Single Stage Detail

This detail will add exceptional gloss, clarity and depth of your vehicle’s paint; whether a newly acquired car, improving the appearance of a presently owned car or helping to prepare a vehicle to its best for a potential sale.

ENHANCEMENT DETAIL concentrates solely on your vehicle’s exterior in preparation of a single stage machine polish.

This single stage machine polish will additionally perfectly prime the paint surface and boost the longevity of the final protection.

Customers have a choice of an award winning wax or sealant as final protection.

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Endurance Treatment

Endurance – New Car Detail

Our Endurance New Car Protection Detail is a complete paint and interior protection package designed to care & protect all major surfaces of your newly acquired vehicle offering far superior quality & care than any dealer applied or off-the-shelf product bar none – and for a similar price to what the dealership will charge you for their inferior service.

New cars are often received in a less than perfect condition. A combination of poor factory finishing, unsatisfactory storage, transportation and PDI preparations are usually the cause of numerous defects which can leave you disappointed on initial inspection of your pride and joy.

So, if you are about to take delivery of a new car, why not get in touch for a quote or even some unbiased advice about the best way to care for the new arrival.

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The Gtechniq Detail

The Gtechniq Detail, has been specifically designed for those clients whom have had prior Gtechniq treatments or nano coatings. Exclusively we use ALL Gtechniq products to ensure that what we use works in total harmony with your previously applied Gtechniq coatings.

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Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle Detailing

Our motorcycle detailing service is carried out by Rob, our resident biker. He is an enthusiastic owner/rider and has many years experience preparing and maintaining bikes. This places him in an ideal position to combine his detailing skills with his bike knowledge to bring you the best and safest motorcycle detailing service available.

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Added Extras


Here at Detailing Works we understand that the standard packages sometimes aren’t quite right for some vehicles, this is where you may need to add Bolt-ons.

Here are the eleven most most common extras that we carry out…

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Bucket & Grit Guard

Safe Wash Kit

For my valued customers I have put together a “safe wash kit” for you to maintain the finish of your recently detailed vehicle. Priced at only £69.00 it includes 5 maintenance essentials.

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