Paint Correction and Protection for your Automotive Investment

Bolt Ons

Here at Detailing Works we understand that the standard packages sometimes aren’t quite right for some vehicles, this is where you may need to add Bolt-ons.

Here are the eleven most most common extras that we carry out:

*please note by adding these bolt-ons the time your vehicle is with us will be increased

Gtechniq BOLT-ONS

Gtechniq are renowned for creating some of the best coatings available, using nano technology to form a sub-micron 100% clear film that is ultra durable from the elements, with superior water and dirt repellent properties. Coatings are available for paintwork, wheels, trims, glass, leather and fabric too. The prices below are bolt-ons to any of our detailing packages, if you have any questions about the Gtechniq treatments, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

C4 Bolt OnC4 utilises a covalent or chemical bond to become an extension of the plastic molecule it’s protecting. Not to be confused with much weaker electrostatic bonds used by, amongst others, ptfe based polymers, C4 swaps part of its molecular structure with the surface molecules of your car’s trim.

What this means is that you now have a protective coating of unparalleled durability. Unlike many trim products on the market C4 is an exceptionally thin (circa 30nm) optically clear film which means that it does not add an unattractive gloss film to the surface, instead it restores all but the most faded trim to an as new condition. You can expect up to 2 years durability from a single application.

PLEASE NOTE: C4 does not contain any black pigment so if your trim is exceptionally bleached, it may not fully restore its as new appearance. A good way to test if your trim will be recoloured satisfactorily by the product, is to wipe a damp microfibre cloth over the finish. If your trim colour is temporarily restored by the wetness of the cloth then it is most likely that C4 will work to restore your trim.


C2v3 Liquid Crystal spray

C2V3 Liquid Crystal is one of several revolutionary coating products made by Gtechniq using their unprecedented Smart Surface Science technology. When applied professionally, the formula chemically bonds to the paint so that removing it is harder than applying it. A single application lasts an average of 8 months. Liquid Crystal rejects UV rays that fade your exterior paint. C2 Liquid Crystal you get instant, effective protection from UV and dirt without the expense of dealer applied systems.


PLEASE NOTE: The surface on which the Gtechniq C2v3 Liquid Crystal spray sealant is applied must be 100% clean and free from dirt & contamination in order to achieve maximum adhesion of the coating to your paint. A thorough detailing including paint correction ‘ may ‘ be necessary prior to application. Please ask for advice on this service.

Gtechniq Matt DashGtechniq Matte Dash AB (With added BioCote® antimicrobial technology, treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria )

The first area of your vehicle to start showing wear is the interior. The leather, vinyl, plastic and rubberised components like the dashboard, door cards, outer glove box, and console, experience the most activity.

The constant pushing open and pulling closed of your doors; inadvertently striking the console, dashboard, and glove box with your keys, drink container, fingernails, or jewellery; and jarring those areas with purses, shopping bags, shoes, gym bags, etc, frequently scuff and scratch the dark materials from which they are made.

In addition, dashboard materials, exposed to fierce UV rays, tend to harden and crack over time if not treated; and the textured material easily collects dust and dirt particles. Products currently on the market designed to protect these surfaces are short-lived, oily in texture, and tend to give off an unnatural gloss that will rub off when applied or wear away quickly.

Gtechniq has developed an abrasion-resistant coating for automotive interiors called Matte Dash AB. Using their exclusive Smart Surface Science technology, Matte Dash is completely absorbed into the material it comes into contact with, bonding chemically with the surface so it cannot be worn off or rubbed off. Matte Dash leaves the surface looking and feeling completely natural while toughening the surface with a durable coating that repels dirt, water, and abrasion.


Matte Dash is for hard surfaces only and will not be applied to suede, nubuck, or fibrous finishes.

PLEASE NOTE : The surface on which the Gtechniq Matt Dash AB surface protection is applied must be clean and free from dirt in order to achieve maximum results. A thorough interior detailing may be necessary prior to application. Please ask for advice on this service.

Leather ProtectionLeather is not cheap, and cheap leather is not good. When a car owner chooses leather interiors, they are opting for luxurious comfort and quality. The leather used in modern vehicles is very good leather but it suffers from the same spills, accidents, and constant friction of sliding in and out of the car as other interiors. The prone areas, and especially more vulnerable areas like the piping, bolsters, and leading edges, are constantly exposed to some form of contact and physical activity.

Body oils and other chemicals seek to penetrate your leather’s protective coating and damage it from the inside out. Some materials, such as indigo coloured jeans, can stain pale leather’s. Gtechniq L1 AB Leather Guard prevents your leather from absorbing chemicals by repelling them away. The powerful coating also resists against colour transfer and dye stains. Leather Guard protects your leather with “Smart Surface Science” to keep it looking like-new for years to come.

Designed to protect the protective coating on your leather and vinyl interiors for as long as possible, Gtechniq’s L1 AB Leather Guard greatly reduces the wearing away of that coating under duress; repels stains that especially stand out on light coloured leather or vinyl; and makes any dark dye transfer from clothing or objects much easier to remove as well.

With added BioCote® antimicrobial technology, treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria.

PLEASE NOTE : The surface on which Gtechniq L1 AB Leather Guard is applied must be clean and free from dirt in order to achieve maximum results. A thorough interior detailing may be necessary prior to application.

2 Seater: £50 | 4/5 Seater: £60 | 7 Seater: £70

Myth Buster

Some interior leather manufacturers refer to “feeding” your leather seats in the same way you would oil a good pair of leather boots. The problem with this marketing ploy is that your car’s leather seats are already coated with a very fine emulsion that gives them the desired colour, and then topped off with a protective clear coat. Why feed an already protected surface of any kind?

PLEASE NOTE : The surface on which Gtechniq L1 AB Leather Guard is applied must be clean and free from dirt and oils in order to achieve maximum results. A thorough interior detailing may be necessary prior to application. Please ask for advice on this service.

Gtechniq L1 AB Leather GuardA stunning protectant for car fabrics. Liquid spills literally sit on the surface, preventing staining and unwanted marks. Tea, wine, fizzy drinks, coffee etc. simply roll off the surface and can be wiped away with a damp cloth with zero staining. I1 coats each fibre individually which means the texture of the fabric remains unaffected and allowing fabric to “breathe”.

Unlike regular coatings the nano particles of I1 AB actually coat the individual fibres of the fabric thereby leaving the “breathability” and feel of the fabric unaffected. Being solvent based ensures a much deeper penetration of the active ingredient giving an I1 AB treated surface much better durability and overall performance.

Now also available is Gtechniq I1AB, which is fully antibacterial and also prevents mould and mildew build up, further enhancing the protection on your fabric.

With added BioCote® anti microbial technology, treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria.

Accidental spillages simply sit on the surface, whilst dust and sticky marks are easily removed.

We will treat all carpets, mats, boot liner & all seating.

2 Seater: £50 | 4/5 Seater: £60 | 7 Seater: £70

PLEASE NOTE : The surface on which Gtechniq l1 Smart Fabric AB is applied must be clean and free from dirt and oils in order to achieve maximum results. A thorough interior detailing may be necessary prior to application. Please ask for advice on this service.

C5 Wheel ArmourNo other area of your vehicle takes more abuse than its wheels. The dirt, gunk, asphalt debris not to mention brake dust, that fly up to scratch and collect on the wheels of your car looks terrible, is difficult to clean, and can cause permanent corrosion.

Independently proven to outlast other wheel coatings, Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour uses a unique chemical bond to become the function surface of your wheels making them dirt and brake dust repellent as well as being much easier to clean. Based on similar technology as the C1 paint protection, C5 is able to give you greater performance due to its unique and exceptionally fine surface rheology and chemical bonding mechanism. The former property gives the coating its excellent stain and containment resistant whilst the latter its durability.
A single coating can last up to one year.

This services include chemical decontamination, and panel wipe prior to C5 application for best results.

Rim Faces:
£50 up to 18” rims
£75 18” and above


Deep cleaning of your interior leather using steam and the very best detailing leather cleaning products to bring life back to your leather.
The steam works on a principal of heating the seat and slowly breaking down the bond between the grime and the fabric or leather. This bond is normally made up of oils deposited by us humans and dead skin cells. Steam cleaners are used to aid in cleaning when you have allergies or to disinfect surfaces. This is a great benefit when used in car interiors.

From £45

Designed and formulated to contend with even the wettest weather the UK has to offer, ‘H2GO Rain Repellent’ has been designed to create a hydrophobic coating on glass surfaces.

This surface coating prevents rain and other unexpected water from remaining on windscreens, windows and makes driving in extreme weather conditions much safer.

Rain and any other water that does make contact with the surface of the glass will simply bead and roll off at speeds as low as 20mph making this one of the best performing rain repellents available today.

H2GO is applied to all exterior glass ( two coats to windscreen )


Repels brake dust, road grime, road salt, dirt, dust, and debris. Protects wheel finishes to prevent corrosion and damage. Enhances high gloss shine on any gloss wheel finish. Resists high braking temperatures for durable protection. Provides up to 8 full months of protection. Perfect for gloss painted, powder coated, chrome, or polished aluminium, stainless steel, or gold wheels and rims Makes wheel cleaning easier, and harder for wheels to get dirty in the first place. Wheel Guard protects wheels and enhances a high gloss shine. The advanced wheel coating sealant repels brake dust, dirt, and road grime that cause corrosion and damage to wheels and rims on every vehicle.


Applied one hour after the first application. Adding a second layer of wax increases depth of shine and further increases protection for both paint and the underlying layer of wax.


Removes industrial fallout (airborne contamination) from bodywork, wheels and glass.


Removes heavier contamination from paintwork and glass bonded to the surfaces and is perfect preparation prior to polishing or waxing.

PLEASE NOTE: The clay bar service is available to vehicles which have had prior chemical decontamination.


Anti microbial treatment that sanitises the air-con system. Treats and prevents the growth of bacteria, moulds and yeasts, the main cause of odours, and keeps the air conditioning fresh and clean.