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Motorcycle Detailing

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Time Required
Approximately 2 Hours

10 Stage Detail

A complimentary drop-off or pick-up taxi services is provided up to the value of £10


Motorcycle DetailingOur motorcycle detailing service is carried out by Rob, our resident biker. He is an enthusiastic owner/rider and has many years experience preparing and maintaining bikes. This places him in an ideal position to combine his detailing skills with his bike knowledge to bring you the best and safest motorcycle detailing service available.

This treatment uses the three bucket safe wash method..( all buckets use double cyclone and grit guard filtration system ).

As part of the service, and proving very popular: a complimentary drop off or pick up taxi service is provided up to the value of £10.



  • Snow foam is applied and allowed to dwell for 10 mins to break down traffic film and encapsulate loose dirt and dust particles for safe rinsing
  • This is then rinsed under low pressure to ensure the bike is as free from as many surface contaminants as possible before any contact washing is done
  • Exposed areas degreased using a combination of chemicals and specialist brushes to get into the hard to reach areas
  • Degreasers then low pressure rinsed off
  • We hand wash all areas of the bike with the finest ph neutral vehicle shampoo available together with 100% lambswool wash mitt to ensure no damage to delicate areas like painted panels and windshields. ( Wash bucket with double grit guard )
  • Vehicle shampoo is low pressure rinsed off bike
  • Application of Gyeon tar and allowed to dwell ( chemically removes tar from all areas of the bike )
  • Gyeon tar is low pressure rinsed off bike
  • Bike dried using a high velocity, filtered warm air dryer
  • Application of synthetic spray wax – applied to boost shine, give protection and top up any existing protection on the paintwork

If you are pleased with the results and recommend us to your friends, we will reward you with £10 off your next motorcycle Clinical wash + wax with us.


*please note by adding these bolt-ons the time your motorcycle is with us will be increased

We can machine polish polycarbonate windshields. This will reduce the amount of fine scratching and possibly completely remove it. We will apply a ceramic coating to the outer face to repel water and prevent UV degradation. £15

We can machine polish paintwork to remove minor swirling and light scratches and restore the full colour and gloss. A protective layer of wax or sealant is applied to enhance the gloss level and provide protection. From £70

PLEASE NOTE : Before a machine polish a full chemical decontamination and clay is required before the polishing stage. Please call to discuss.