Paint Correction and Protection for your Automotive Investment

Revitalise Detail

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Time Required
8+ Hours

27 Stage Detail

Note: Prices shown are "prices from £..." The quote may vary depending on condition of vehicle – heavily soiled, badly scratched etc


The Revitalise Detail ensures that your vehicle is professionally maintained and your paintwork ‘Revitalised ’, cleansed and protected. Vehicle is chemically decontaminated to remove embedded iron particulates, and tar. Vehicle is then gently clayed to remove any remaining industrial fallout, followed by a machine applied paintwork cleanser truly enhances the lustre and gloss of your paintwork leaving it glass smooth.

This machine applied paintwork cleanser will additionally perfectly prime the surface and boost the longevity of the wax application (we do this process twice). Additionally our multi-stage safe wash treatment avoids potential damage inflicting practices that often happen due to incorrect washing practices. Vehicle fully pre-washed to remove as much dirt and grime before any physical wash contact with your car.

Finally…finest grade T1 carnauba wax is hand applied to create a protective barrier on your vehicle. UV rays, pollution, dust, moisture, and corrosion can all harm your car’s paint and clear coat. Wax acts as a barrier between your car’s finish and the environment. Wax also creates the extreme glossy look that many vehicle owners love and crave.

Ideally suited as a one off or bi-annual treatment on cars that deserve the best, and perfect for vehicles in great condition that need to be kept that way.

As part of the service, and proving very popular: a complimentary drop off or pick up taxi service is provided up to the value of £10.

We can by prior arrangement apply ceramic coatings  – please call for advice and prices.

Your vehicle will undergo the following 27 Stage detailed processes:

Ford RS DetailFord RS Detail

  • Wheels cleaned, including barrels ( as far as possible / please see footnote ). Bilt Hamber, Gtechniq, Meguires & Valet Pro products available for wheel cleaning procedure, combined with the finest wheel cleaning brushes & dedicated wheel cleaning bucket with dual cyclone & Gritguard filters
  • Tyres cleaned and degreased
  • Arch liners cleaned (liners as far as possible ) using Bilt Hamber APC / Degreaser & various brushes
  • Wheels, tyres and arches high pressure rinsed
  • Wheels then treated to an advanced wipe-less coating which is hydrophobic and prevents brake dust re-bonding (up to 3 months durability )
  • Treated to a Snow Foam bathe and left to dwell 10 mins & high pressure rinsed.
  • All badges, gaps, grills, lights front and back, window rubbers cleaned with Gtechniq APC and 1” detailing brush
  • Snow foam and APC high pressure rinsed
  • Dual Cyclone & grit-guard bucket filtration system using 2 bucket method
  • Washed with exceptional pH neutral vehicle shampoo and the finest Dooka 100% lambswool wash pads
  • High pressure rinsed
  • Chemical decontamination with Bilt Hamber & Gyeon Products ( Tar & Iron Removal )
  • High Pressure rinsed
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Final high pressure rinse
  • Dried with ultra safe plush Professor Plush (finest available ) drying towels
  • All panel gaps, wheels, intricate areas dried using high velocity filtered warm air blower
  • Any delicate trim, rubber seals, edges, badges protected ready for polishing
  • Gloss enhancing paintwork cleanser applied twice by machine (This helps to mask minor swirl marks, wash marring and will also increase gloss and clarity of your paint finish )
  • Sealed with the finest grade T1 carnauba wax; providing a deep, rich and glossy film. It’s highly water repellent and detergent resistant too, providing outstanding protection
  • Tyres dressed using durable Gtechniq T1 tyre dressing
  • Exterior trim dressing using durable Gtechniq T1 Trim to all black plastic trim

Please Note: This is an express clean and NOT a total interior detail.

  • Vacuum of interior & boot & rubbish removed ( additional cost for pet hair removal – this can be a nightmare to deal with and largely depends on the type of fabric and the actual pet hair )
  • Dust and clean dashboard, vents, switches, door panels, cup holders and centre console. Foot pedals also cleaned.
  • Glass cleaned ( inc; rear view, vanity, mirrors, sunroof ), using Gtechniq Perfect Glass
  • Interior treated to Valet Pro Enzyme odour eliminator

(Please note : an additional charge may be incurred for heavily soiled vehicles – this will always be agreed prior to commencing work)

* Wheel Barrels – ( Brake dust which is highly caustic will eventually become a permanent fixture to the inside of your wheel barrels if allowed to remain long enough. There comes a point of diminishing returns and the only option sometimes is to have the wheels refurbished.) A case by case decision will be made with you at time of seeing your vehicle

* All customer requests will be considered and we will endeavour to give a bespoke customer service.