Paint Correction and Protection for your Automotive Investment

The ‘Clinical Wash’

Small cars £55
Medium cars £65
Large cars £70
X Large cars £75

Time Required
3-4 Hours

19 Stage Detail


Detailing Works highly recommends the ‘ Clinical Wash + Protection ‘…our most intensive, thorough & gentle wash available for your car.

Our Clinical Wash + Wax offers the safest way to clean and maintain the finish of any previously detailed vehicles, ( although I will provide this service to new clients also ), minimising the risk of damage and allowing owners to alleviate the need to purchase expensive products, learning the correct techniques and spending hours of their time washing, drying and maintaining their cars.

Certainly not what you’d receive at your local hand car wash or valeting centre and perfectly designed for customers who do not have the time required to correctly maintain their cars, but do not want to visit these damaging service centres.

Our ‘ Clinical Wash + Protection ’ is designed to safely clean and dry your pride and joy without any detrimental effects on both the condition of the paintwork or its protective coatings.

Blue Mini Wash and Protection - BeforeBlue Mini Wash and Protection - AfterWe use the exceptional pH neutral Bilt Hamber vehicle shampoo to eliminate removing any current protection on the paintwork and Bilt Hamber, Gtechniq & Valet Pro maintenance products along with the finest Dooka 100% lambswool deep pile wash pads and ultra plush drying towels, this service will leave your vehicle in pristine, post detailed condition.

Vehicle fully pre-washed to remove as much dirt and grime before any physical contact your car.

‘ Maintain it…’

If your car has been recently detailed, there is no better time to start a regular maintenance program with this package to keep your car in pristine condition. Maintenance packages
are available on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or 6 weeks max basis. This ensures your vehicle stays in tip top condition the whole year.


Many owners are blissfully unaware of the potential problems that can arise with the ‘ Hand ‘ car washes that have sprung up and down the country. If you do care about your your vehicle it is definitely worth considering our level one treatment.

When you also compare the quality of service for a damaging ten minute £10 car wash or a professional, our 3 hour plus Clinical Wash + Protection + Vacuum, you really do get what you pay for….and the results will speak for themselves.

Your vehicle will undergo the following 19 detailed processes:

  • Wheels & tyres cleaned ( wheel barrels as far as possible / please see footnote ), with Bilt Hamber & Valet Pro specific wheel cleaners and degreasers together with the finest wheel brushes using dedicated dual cyclone & grit-guard wheel bucket filtration system
  • Wheels and arches high pressure rinsed
  • Wheels treated to iron decontamination
  • High pressure rinsed
  • Whole vehicle application of snow foam and allowed to dwell for 10 mins
  • All badges, gaps, grills, lights front and back, window rubbers cleaned with Gtechniq APC and 1” detailing brush
  • Snow foam high pressure rinsed
  • Dual cyclone & grit-guard bucket filtration system using 2 bucket method
  • Washed with the finest pH neutral vehicle shampoo and 100% lambswool Dooka wash mitts
  • Thorough pressure rinsed
  • Sheeted water rinse
  • Dried with ultra safe Professor Plush (finest available ) microfibre drying towels
  • Door jams dried
  • Wipers cleaned with alcohol based cleaner
  • Application of synthetic spray wax – applied to boost shine, give protection and top up any existing protection on the paintwork
  • Tyre walls conditioned and protected with Gtechniq T1 tyre dressing
  • Interior express vacuum
  • Dash & console express wipe-down
  • Interior treated to enzyme odour eliminator

If you are pleased with the results and recommend us to your friends whom come and have a treatment, we will reward you with £10 off your next Clinical Wash + Protection with us

(Please note : an additional charge may be incurred for heavily soiled vehicles – this will always be agreed prior to commencing work)

* Wheel Barrels – ( Brake dust which is caustic will eventually become a permanent fixture to the inside of your wheel barrels if allowed to remain long enough. There comes a point of diminishing returns and the only option sometimes is to have the wheels refurbished. A case by case decision will be made with you at time of seeing your vehicle)

* All customer requests will be considered and we will endeavour to give a bespoke customer service.