Paint Correction and Protection for your Automotive Investment

The Enhancement

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Time Required
14+ Hours

38 Stage Detail

Note: Prices shown are "prices from £..." The quote may vary depending on condition of vehicle – heavily soiled, badly scratched etc


This detail will add exceptional gloss, clarity and depth of your vehicle’s paint; whether a newly acquired car, improving the appearance of a presently owned car or helping to prepare a vehicle to its best for a potential sale.

ENHANCEMENT DETAIL concentrates solely on your vehicle’s exterior in preparation of a single stage machine polish.

This single stage machine polish will additionally perfectly prime the paint surface and boost the longevity of the final protection. Customers have a choice of an award winning wax or sealant.

Vehicle is fully pre-washed to remove as much dirt and grime before any physical wash contact with your car.

A Class - Enhancement DetailThis detail also includes a full chemical and clay decontamination of your vehicles paintwork resulting in the removal of iron, tar & airborne contaminants ( Airborne surface contamination that is invisible to the naked eye typically comprises of particulates derived from industrial and commercial activities; industrial fallout, brake dust, railway dust, paint overspray and exhaust soot which can all bond to your paint)

Your paintwork will feel exceptionally silky / glass smooth after this decontamination treatment.

Example of Detailing Works Enhancement Detail….Audi S5

Swirl removal - Audi A5


The Enhancement detail will remove a large majority of swirls, wash marring, oxidation & various minor defects resulting in drastically improved gloss levels, reflections and depth levels giving your paint a whole new dimension.

This is the treatment to choose where you will really reap benefits of a professional detail.

( Please note this service will not remove random deep scratches or heavy swirls )

As part of the service, and proving very popular: a complimentary drop off or pick up taxi service is provided up the value of £10.

We can by prior arrangement apply ceramic coatings  – please call for advice and prices.

Your vehicle will undergo a 38 STAGE detailed process outlined in the tabs below.

  • Wheels cleaned, including barrels ( as far as possible / please see footnote ) Bilt Hamber, Gtechniq & Valet Pro products used, together with the finest wheel cleaning brushes & dedicated wheel cleaning bucket with dual cyclone & Gritguard filters
  • Tyres cleaned and degreased.
  • Arch liners cleaned ( as far as possible ) using Bilt Hamber APC / degreaser & various brushes
  • Arches, wheels and tyres high pressure rinsed
  • Treated to a snow foam bathe and left to dwell for 10 minutes
  • All badges, gaps, grills, lights front and back, window rubbers cleaned with Bilt Hamber Surfex HD APC and 1” detailing brush
  • Snow foam and APC high pressure rinsed
  • Dual cyclone & grit-guard bucket filtration system using 2 bucket method
  • Washed with the finest pH neutral vehicle shampoo and double-sided ultra-deep 100% lambswool Dooka wash pads
  • High pressure rinsed
  • Paintwork treated to Gyeon Tar ( Highly effective & safe d-Limonene-based tar / glue remover )
  • High pressure rinsed
  • Vehicle express dried prior to application of fallout remover
  • Treated with industry leading iron / fallout remover – left to dwell ( rapid and dramatic colour change takes place which indicates that the corroded part is water soluble after which a high pressure rinse with water leaves the panel free of metallic embedment )
  • High pressure rinsed
  • Any further contaminants such as tree sap and industrial fallout removed using fine automotive clay including all glass and wheel faces
  • High pressure rinse
  • Additional application of snow foam to remove any remaining residue from the decontamination process
  • High pressure rinsed
  • Wheels then treated to an advanced wipe-less coating which is hydrophobic and prevents brake dust re-bonding ( up to 3 months durability )
  • High pressure rinse
  • Exhaust tips cleaned with P21s metal polishing soap ( if applicable )
  • Dried with ultra plush Professor Plush (finest available ) drying towels
  • All panel gaps, wheels, intricate areas dried using filtered warm air blower
  • Paintwork Inspected
  • Paintwork depth readings taken
  • Delicate trim, rubber seals, edges, badges protected ready for polishing
  • Single stage finishing polish commences
  • Polish residue removed using the finest Korean microfibres
  • Sealed with the finest grade T1 carnauba wax or synthetic sealant; providing a deep, rich and glossy film. It’s highly water repellent and detergent resistant whilst providing outstanding protection.
  • Wax residue removed with the finest Korean microfibres, and buffed to an outstanding shine
  • Tyres dressed using durable Gtechniq T1 tyre dressing
  • Exterior trim dressing using durable Gtechniq T1 trim to all black plastic trim
  • All glass ( windows, rear view mirror, vanity mirrors, sunroof ), cleaned using Gtechniq Perfect glass
  • Wiper blades cleaned with alcohol based cleaner
  • Exhaust tips protected with JetSeal 109 (Originally developed exclusively for the aerospace industry )
  • Interior treated to Enzyme odour eliminator
  • Final inspection

(Please note : an additional charge may be incurred for heavily soiled vehicles – this will always be agreed prior to commencing work)

*Wheel Barrels – (Not possible on all car wheels. Brake dust which is caustic will eventually become a permanent fixture to the inside of your wheel barrels if allowed to remain long enough.There comes a point of diminishing returns and the only option sometimes is to have the wheel refurbished ). A case by case decision will be made with you at time of seeing your vehicle

*All customer requests will be considered and we will endeavour to give a bespoke customer service.